/Four-Door Audi TT RS Sportback Rendered

Four-Door Audi TT RS Sportback Rendered

Audi TT RS Sportback 600x360 at Four Door Audi TT RS Sportback Rendered

To become an automotive rendering artist worthy of the name you need not just mad Photoshopping skills, but also a creative vision and a good eye for spotting possibilities where there doesn’t seem to be any. Our boy X-Tomi has those qualities in spade, and that is how he’d come up with the idea of an Audi TT RS Sportback.

He evidently looked at the new TT RS and thought “you know, I quite like it, but I’ve got friends and things I’d like to have with me.” Then he looked at Audi’s compact four-door models such as the A3, and found them incredibly dull and boring. So being an automotive genius with the ability to carry out his wishes in the virtual world, he sat down and penned this four-door Audi TT RS Sportback.

This car combines the superb looks and, needless to say, immense power of the new TT RS with the practicality of a four-door compact sedan. So you get the looks, you get the power, you get the perfect size, and the extra doors. To create the Audi TT RS Sportback X-Tomi had to elongate the original car a tad, but if anything we think a bit of extra length actually works in favor of the sports car and make it look better.

Rendering by X-Tomi Design

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