/Murdered-Out Lexus LX Is Unusual But Cool

Murdered-Out Lexus LX Is Unusual But Cool

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There is a fairly new trend going on in the tuning world in which you get a regular, day to day family car and give it an extreme visual treatment usually reserved for the most serious sports car. It’s the dichotomy that’s appealing, I guess, but it can result in some pretty awesome creations on the evidence of this murdered-out Lexus LX.

What the guys at Wheeltec, JM Lexus & JM Custom Creations started this project with was a perfectly sensible Lexus LX 570 family SUV, the last thing you would think of when you are entertaining ideas about murdering (out) a car. But these guys saw the potential in the LX’s rather controversial design and decided to build on and take it beyond the realm of reason. What they ended up with is quite possibly the coolest Lexus in the history of Lexi.

To arrive at this aggressive and very un-Lexus-y look, the tuners wrapped the full-size SUV completely in Satin Black and then set about painting all the chrome parts, and there were many, in the same shade of darkness. A great amount of paint was used on that massive Spindle Grille alone, but they did a find job. After that they bolted on a set of custom Vossen Forged VPS-302 wheels measuring 22×10? on all four corners, finished in gloss black and complemented with red brake calipers.

And that’s how you murder a Lexus LX!

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