/This Formula 3 Crash Leaves You Awestruck!

This Formula 3 Crash Leaves You Awestruck!

Formula3 crash 600x340 at This Formula 3 Crash Leaves You Awestruck!

It is frankly amazing to us that the nanny state has not yet banned motorsport, and we mean all of it. Granted, it is not everyday that we see accidents of such colossal magnitude as the Formula 3 crash you are about to see. But still, they happen way too often, one would imagine, for the Liberals’ comfort.

And that is, to be honest, why we love car racing. It’s the ever-present shadow of death and destruction that appeals to something primordial inside men. At one time we fought bears and rhinos. Some other age it was the Gladiator battles. And now we have motor racing and its crashes.

This huge Formula 3 crash began with America drive Ryan Tveter spinning out of control and creating a dust cloud in his wake, which lead to him getting rear-ended at speed by Chinese driver Peter Zhi Cong Li. As Li went airborne probably wondering what the heck just happened, another driver, Pedro Piquet, hit Tveter’s car again for good measure. Here’s the crash from another angle:

Amazingly, and fortunately, no one was seriously harmed in this horrifying accident. Just a couple of cuts and a few bruises, nothing to worry about.

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