/Ferrari 488 GTB Gets 458 MM Look Via Wrap

Ferrari 488 GTB Gets 458 MM Look Via Wrap

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Well, tell you the truth it’s not even a wrap. What we have here is a white Ferrari 488 GTB garnished with non-original tricolore stripes. But, you will agree, that’s all it takes for the car to look exactly like a 3 million Euro 458 MM Speciale. And those stripes probably didn’t cost more than 300 Euros!

This job has been done by Impressive Wrap Hong Kong, and while they are not claiming anything about using the 458 MM as inspiration, it is kind of clear where the idea has come from. They have done a good job, as usual, and the GTB looks pretty much identical to the MM (save the bumpers and lights, of course). But there is still a question hanging above this car.

And that question mark asks this: is it cool to style a Ferrari so it looks like a more expensive model? We reckon that is okay with hot hatches and cheap coupes. But a Ferrari 488 GTB? We’re not so sure. The thing is, if you can afford a GTB in the first place, chances are you probably can afford to commission your own one-off Ferrari. But if you want to save some money and rip off someone else’s design, at least don’t do it in such a conspicuous way.

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