/Onboard Bugatti Chiron at the ‘Ring

Onboard Bugatti Chiron at the ‘Ring

Bugatti Chiron Ring 600x333 at Onboard Bugatti Chiron at the ‘Ring

Remember that brown Bugatti Chiron we showed a few days ago turning and stretching necks to the verge breaking them? Well, turns out if was a demo car brought to the track by the manufacturer so a select number of very lucky journalists could go for a ride in it.

They weren’t allowed to drive the Bugatti Chiron yet, but a ride in the passenger seat seems about as good:

Besides delivering a good demo of how Bugatti Chiron performs, this video also offers shots of the car in action and also gives you some ideas as to what it feels like sitting inside its cabin. The car has a big sort of arc in the middle of the cabin which looks pretty cool, but does seem to make the cabin look a bit cramped, not mention ruining the rearview visibility. We do realize the Bugga is first and foremost a speed machine, but when you pay nearly $3 million for a car you kind of expect every damn detail to be perfect and flawless.

Video by CarThrottle

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