/Spotlight: VOS Performance Ferrari 488 in the Wild

Spotlight: VOS Performance Ferrari 488 in the Wild

VOS Performance Ferrari 488 spot 0 600x367 at Spotlight: VOS Performance Ferrari 488 in the Wild

Even though not many people have heard of it, VOS Performance Ferrari 488 GTB Project 9x is currently the world’s sickest 488 in terms of visual appeal and power output. Now it seems the tuner is lobbying for better recognition of their good work as they have dispatched the 9x to one of the hottest spots in the world for super cars.

VOS Performance Ferrari 488 was in Cannes the other day as part of the Lion’s Run Supercars Rally 2016 where it was hunted by car spotters. Cannes is the sort of place where it is almost guaranteed for any exotic car to be photographed and shared a billion times on the social media. So this will earn VOS Performance some free publicity and could potentially attract new customers to their Ferrari 488 package.

That  sound you just heard is made by an Akrapovic titanium exhaust system which is part of a massive power upgrade kit installed on this VOS Performance Ferrari 488. Combined with new software, intake system, and a couple other changes, the power kit ups the output of 488’s 3.9 liter engine from 670 to a colossal 900 horsepower with 910 ft.-lbs. of torque. They also have that cool carbon aero kit which may be a bit too chunky is certain places, but is totally on the par with what big time tuners like Novitec and Mansory offer and might even be cooler.

Video by NM2255 – Photos by World of Cars via Autogepsot

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