/Another Tricked-Out Caddy Escalade by Forgiato

Another Tricked-Out Caddy Escalade by Forgiato

 at Another Tricked Out Caddy Escalade by Forgiato

The folks at Forgiato Wheels have long established themselves as the absolute authority in customizing the Cadillac Escalade. Sure, there are tuners who can give you more power or more luxury. But none can give you the exquisite styling that a Forgiato Caddy boasts. Here’s one of their latest custom Escalades.

Looking like a block of flats on wheels, this Forgiato Cadillac Escalade is equipped not just with a new set of wheel and a cool new grille as is the case with most Forgiato cars, it also features a bespoke body kit. Interestingly, the kit is designed and built in Japan, where they probably worship cars of this size as the descendants of the Godzilla. We want to say it’s a Calwing kit?

At any rate, the kit on this bad boy consists of a custom front chin spoiler complete with new grilles and LED lights, over fenders on the front and rear, chunky side skirts, revised rear bumper with a diffuser insert and integrated tailpipes in a quad outlet arrangement, and a roof spoiler. To this Forgiato adds one of their custom grilles and swaps the stock 22 inch wheels for a set of 26 inch Ventoso-ECL in a brushed finish.

The result is one sick Cadillac Escalade that is pimped out and yet dignified enough to appeal to a wide range of customers.

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