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Donk’d Maybach? Why Not!

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Yes, stuff like this was the reason the Maybach brand had to be put in an artificial coma a few years back. While Rolls-Royce Phantom was becoming the darling of the Illuminati, the Maybach found a following among rich donking enthusiasts with catastrophic results.

The reason we brought this up is because, as we’ve just been talking about it in the previous post, Maybach is about to reveal a new concept model called the Vision 6 and it has pretty much the same sort of characteristic that made the previous model such a hit with the rappers and football players and the like… those who would actually go ahead and make themselves a donk’d Maybach.

Now this donk’d Maybach, built by Lions Limos in California, is not a full donk as it only has a set of 22-inch Forgiato OG wheels, finished in a two-tone black and brown to complement the paint work. But even this subtle level of donk-ed-ness is enough for a fan of the brand to shake his head in disappointment and prepare himself for a second demise of the brand. Or will that be the third? When Maybach themselves seem adamant to follow this recipe you can’t really blame people for doing stuff like this to their cars.

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