/First Look: Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6

First Look: Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6

Mercedes Maybach Vision 6 1 600x337 at First Look: Mercedes Maybach Vision 6

So following yesterday’s teaser we can now bring you the first official photos of the all-new Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 concept,leaked ahead of the car’s debut at the Pebble Beach Concourse.  Maybe it’s just us, but the Vision 6 seems to have a strong resemblance to the Exelero.

That’s fine, expect that the Maybach Exelero was a completely failed experiment, some even say the reason the Maybach brand went under the last time. But these days the revived brand is doing rather well and if the company’s brass have come up with this design they might have a good reason to believe it is going to work this time around.

Mercedes Maybach Vision 6 2 600x315 at First Look: Mercedes Maybach Vision 6

The thing is though, Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 also looks pretty old-fashioned for a concept designed in 2016. The six-meter giant with its swooping line and Lincoln-esque face is what they would have designed in the 90s as the car of the future. It is impractical, unnecessarily big, and quite inefficient. Those are not the qualities you want in a car in this day and age.

Mercedes Maybach Vision 6 3 600x354 at First Look: Mercedes Maybach Vision 6

Maybach just have a thing for big, expensive, wasteful experiments, don’t they?

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