/Mercedes X-Class Concept Pickup Truck Unveiled

Mercedes X-Class Concept Pickup Truck Unveiled

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No more renderings and speculations. The classy truckers and haulers among you can now start counting days because it is only a matter of time before they get their hand on the prestigious Mercedes X-Class pickup truck. Revealed as a concept ahead of market launch in late 2017, the X-Class comes in two design variants.

In fairness, Mercedes X-Class is not really designed for hauling manor on a farm or moving furniture down the street. Mercedes-Benz pitches the vehicle as a “stylish explorer” and “powerful adventurer” which are the two variants of the concept, meaning it is meant for higher purposes in life. But you can move a lot of stuff with it if you want, as the X-Class boasts a sizable truck bed and seating inside for five adults.

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Other pickup-y highlights include short front overhang and very long rear overhang, but this being a Mercedes you also get a healthy dose of chrome and shiny bits, as well as 22 inch wheels on the concept version, which aren’t very practical for the working man. This continues inside the cabin where Mercedes X-Class is quite possibly the only truck in the world with carefully selected colors for the lower and upper parts of the dashboard, fine nappa leather, and open-pore smoked oak and aluminum trims. Mind you, how much of these will make it to the production model remains to be seen. You also get the fancy Mercedes infotainment system with a range of connectivity features.

As for the dynamics, the production X-Class boasts a payload of more than 1.1 ton and a towing capacity of up to 3.5 tons, and comes with a V6 diesel in combination with 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive in the range-topping version.

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