/Renault Z.E. Smart Charge Optimizes Your EV’s Energy Use

Renault Z.E. Smart Charge Optimizes Your EV’s Energy Use

Renault ZE Smart Charge 730x388 at Renault Z.E. Smart Charge Optimizes Your EVs Energy Use

Acquiring a 25% share in Jedlix, a Dutch start-up specializing in the smart and sustainable charging of electric vehicle, Renault is trying, at least, to make electric motoring more appealing to customers. Renault Z.E. Smart Charge app is the first outcome of this partnership, and it lowers the cost of charging your electric vehicle by optimizing when and how it’s charged. 

It sounds great on the face of it, but Renault Z.E. Smart Charge does require you to put in the charge level you need and the departure time, and the app optimizes the management of vehicle charges to benefit as much as possible from renewable energy and the lowest prices. Now how would one know how much charge one needs for one’s travels, that requires calculation and mental work, and you could still get it wrong and give the app false data, which in turn results in inadequate charge and…

I don’t know, but this kind of goes against the whole point of owning a personal car, which is peace of mind, freedom, and enjoying the trip. The image Renault Z.E. Smart Charge paints of electric motoring makes us want to take an Uber instead!

2017 Electric mobility Groupe Renault invests in the share capital of at Renault Z.E. Smart Charge Optimizes Your EVs Energy Use

“Pioneer in the electric vehicle, Renault confirms its leadership position by developing innovative partnerships. With Jedlix, we will provide new services to make charging – and thus the use of electric vehicles – even more easy and affordable,” explains Gilles Normand, Senior Vice President, Electric Vehicle, Renault.

“Our partnership with Groupe Renault will help us to create the best possible smart charging service and to offer its benefits to a large and diverse customer base throughout Europe”, says Ruben Benders, managing director of Jedlix.

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