/Liberty Walk Lexus LC Wide Body Kit Revealed

Liberty Walk Lexus LC Wide Body Kit Revealed

 at Liberty Walk Lexus LC Wide Body Kit Revealed

Wide body kits for the Lexus LC 500/500h seem to be coming out all at the same time. But you won’t be having a hard time choosing between them because what LB-Works has just revealed is game over for the rest of them. Liberty Walk Lexus LC package made in collaboration with Artisan Spirits is the wildest, most extreme wide body kit yet. 

And that is what someone who’s after modifying their LC wants, isn’t it? If you are wiling to mess with the exquisite design of this gorgeous Lexus you might as well take it all the way. Don’t play around with small and understated kits. Just go big, get this Liberty Walk Lexus LC which is so thorough, it leaves no room for further mods. There is the massive kit itself, the extreme camber, the suspension… it’s just insane!

 at Liberty Walk Lexus LC Wide Body Kit Revealed

The ingredients of Liberty Walk Lexus LC wide body package are fairly simple. It includes a front diffuser, side skirts, rear diffuser, the all-important wide fenders, and the rear wing. The latter comes in two versions, and you can order the kit in either carbon of FRP. What makes this styling package unique is the design of those individual parts. That is what LB-Works is good at. They have a unique touch. Even if this kit didn’t have those huge fenders with their iconic rivets, the rest of the package would still be a proper head-turner.

 at Liberty Walk Lexus LC Wide Body Kit Revealed

The pricing for the Liberty Walk Lexus LC wide body kit starts at $13,380 with versions 2 rear wing and FRP construction. The same kit in CFRP costs $16,740. The kit with version 1 rear wing costs $15,650 in FRP guise, and $19,440 in carbon. You still have to pay for the wheels, suspension, exhaust, etc.

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