/Wald Rolls-Royce Dawn on Forgiatos Is a Sight to Behold

Wald Rolls-Royce Dawn on Forgiatos Is a Sight to Behold

forgiato japan dawn troppo ecl 13 730x432 at Wald Rolls Royce Dawn on Forgiatos Is a Sight to Behold

There is no question that Wald body kits are among the most extreme one can find for any given make of car. But you may want to think twice before mixing that kit with an equally showy set of rims, because the end result could be way too startling. That, we reckon, is the case with this unique Wald Rolls-Royce Dawn built in Japan, for Japan. 

This car is so wrong on so many levels, it almost becomes right again. The first issue with it, of course, is the fact one should not mess with the styling of a Roller. These cars are meant to be bespoke, personalized works of art and should be enjoyed as they are. Then there is the styling of the aftermarket kit itself, which has elements in its more at home on, say, a Subaru or a Honda. Last but not least, we have the over-sized wheels which ruin the signature smooth ride of the Roller.

forgiato japan dawn troppo ecl 8 730x425 at Wald Rolls Royce Dawn on Forgiatos Is a Sight to Behold

Despite all of that, we can’t help loving this Wald Rolls-Royce Dawn on Forgiato wheels. It’s like an English Lord who visited an exotic foreign land and decided to go native. It’s daring and unashamedly in-your-face. The completely new front bumper with its crazy air ducts and massive chin spoiler is deliciously mischievous. The side skirts looks like those fashionable large sneakers rappers wear these days. And the rear apron, actually we can’t stand this bit. It appears to have been borrowed from an Impreza body kit project.

As for the wheels on this bad boy, or should we say bad gentlemen, they are 24-inch Forgiato Troppo-ECL wheels with brushed faces and red windows.

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