/2019 Suzuki Jimny Revealed in First Official Pictures

2019 Suzuki Jimny Revealed in First Official Pictures

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Can’t afford a G-Class? No worries! There is a new Suzuki Jimny coming, and although some might say, rather insensitively, that it looks like a G-Class with down syndrome, dollar for dollar, it offers you the same kind of fun. Maybe more fun even, because this is a cheap car. So yo don’t mind thrashing it around. 

The old Suzuki Jimny was, of course, the crappiest, most embarrassing looking car one could imagine. It looked bad, it drove bad, and it wasn’t even good value. The new car, though, well, on the surface it looks pretty delightful. Like we said, there is a cool discount G-Class vibe to this thing which is awesome. It has round headlights, a macho grille, buffed up fenders, and a good amount of ride height.

2019 suzuki jimny 6 730x329 at 2019 Suzuki Jimny Revealed in First Official Pictures

The goodness doesn’t end there, either. The 2019 Suzuki Jimny features an interesting interior which, although cheap to look and almost certainly cheap to touch, has all the things you could ask for in a car like this. There is a big screen, chunky switches as befits a proper offroader, and decent equipment, judging by the auto air con. What’s more, the new Jimny 3-link rigid axle suspension and part time 4WD with low range transfer gear. Combined with ladder frame that is its signature dish, this little bastard should be pretty good at dealing rough terrain.

There is something quite charming about cheap, down to earth car that are simple and honest. We’re digging this one very much. We just hope they don’t get cocky and price it more than it should cost.

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