Porsche Trademarks 919 Nameplate

Porsche 918 concept at Porsche Trademarks 919 Nameplate

Porsche has recently registered a new nameplate with the German trademark office which could be a hint at an all-new model. The name is 919, which sounds suitable for a new sports model, maybe the long-rumored Ferrari 458 rival, codenamed 961.

That is one idea. Another idea says Porsche might be registering names like this to stop other companies and businesses securing them, just in case. They have the ownership of a couple of other combinations. This is the trouble with having a lineup of models named with numbers.

Porsche of course will never comment on this or reveal future plans. They just turn up at a major motor show with a new model. So all we can do to figure out what the heck is 919 is wait.

via GTspirit

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