Dodge Dart SRT4 Sketch Allegedly Leaked

Dart DRT4 Leak1 at Dodge Dart SRT4 Sketch Allegedly Leaked

Chrysler’s SRT brand, responsible for high performance models, have already confirmed they will eventually launch a souped-up version of the Dodge Dart, but they haven’t set any dates. Now this image you see above is said to be the very first look at the car in question.

Now this image could be fake, but the details of it seem spot on for what you can expect from the Dodge Dart SRT4. It’ll get revised front and rear fascias with blacked-out parts adding a nice touch of sport, flared wheel arches, bootlid spoiler, and a vented hood. Larger wheels are also an important part of the SRT treatment.

Even if this picture is for real and we’re looking at the new Dart SRT4, it is still a long way away from being launched. It was only yesterday that Dodge revealed the new Dart GT. They are not going to let a hotter model steal its thunder any time soon.



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