It’s Another Old Porsche 911 Video

old 911 545x317 at Its Another Old Porsche 911 Video

It is indeed. But it’s a good one. For starters, this video is made by Petrolicious, and these guys are like the HBO of online car channels. The subject is also quite interesting. It’s a custom-built classic Porsche 911 RSR, put together by owner Jack Olsen. He uses this car as a concourse beauty, grocery getter, and race car.

Jack argues that interesting car should not be locked away in garages and treated like princesses. They are useless that way. To really enjoy the beauty and performance a cool car, you have to use it as a daily driver; you have to take it to the race track; and you have to beat the crap out of it. In short, it must be one to do it all.

More awesome videos: Petrolicious on Vimeo

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