This Is How Porsche Films Its Promo Videos

Monday, January 7, 2013 16:48 by

Porsche Promo 545x310 at This Is How Porsche Films Its Promo Videos

Porsche puts a huge effort into making their promo videos, which is why they are usually very good. They’ve even made a behind-the-scene film showing us how they go about filming these videos.

The subject here is the new 991 Carrera 4, a car they are trying especially hard to promote by making a series of clips on different roads and conditions. It is a very costly job, what with the high-end equipment they use and the attention they pay to the details.

In order to film 4 seasons within 6 video-shooting days, the following was needed:

- 420m³ artificial snow
- 10.000 liter rain
- 650m³ artificial fog
- 4.857.166 autumn leaves

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