/9ff Carrera GT at Essen

9ff Carrera GT at Essen

9ff carrera gtt 900 02 at 9ff Carrera GT at Essen

The extremists at German Porsche specialist 9ff have been working on a Veyron killer version of Carrera GT, but it’s been a top secret project since no official infos leaked during these years. But now it looks finished, sort of, but it’s not as crazy looking as the renders they had released earlier.

Named GTT 900, this car fulfils the promise 9ff made to add up 300hp to 600 of standard Carrera GT, as the name declares! Apparently it’s done by bolting two turbos to the engine. Here’s a video of it doing 0-300kph in test, just listen to it when it revs up! also check below for a picture gallery.

9ff Carrera GT . BiTurbo. 0-303 KM

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