/Porsche Panamera extreme cold test

Porsche Panamera extreme cold test

120479 at Porsche Panamera extreme cold test

Before it goes on sale developers of the Porsche Panamera are giving it the hardest tests ever done! This one is probably the toughest of them all, they’ve took it to the Northern Canada for a test drive at minus 38 degrees Celsius!

You see at this temperature the characteristic of the materials change, let alone the the electronic units. And Panamera comes with an electric network of more than 30 ECUs to control different parts! so imagine that if one of them let go, the whole car would come to halt.  It is OK to Porsche engineers though, as they point out that we are here to find these errors! Also the liquids are frozen and lubricants are now turned to honey! So did it brake down?

Not a chance! It worked as smoothly as it’s cruising down the Riviera! There are some rattles here and there, and some of the electronics are gone, like the parking brake system, but overall the mighty four-door Porsche soldiers on! Engineers also found some defects in the retractable spoiler system, but all of these issues will be addressed just in time before official presentation at 2009 Shanghai Motorshow.

Great! but still don’t want one because it looks like a minger!!

120480 at Porsche Panamera extreme cold test

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Porsche Panamera live pictures :

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