/Spyshots: 2011 Porsche 998 Cabrio

Spyshots: 2011 Porsche 998 Cabrio

porsche 998 cabrio 1 at Spyshots: 2011 Porsche 998 Cabrio

As we always say there is no point in covering a new 911 because the changes on the new model are so minor no one would notice it is new! The coupe 998 has been scooped before, the car that killed its test driver in autobahn,  but I think it’s the first time that the drop top version is caught on camera.

Of course with every new 911, Porsche tweaks the recipe, making it a little better, a little stronger, a little more aerodynamic. So these minor changes are not useless and have their effects! For instance the new 911 would come with a new rear wing which not only makes difference in terms of looks, it plays a major role in the handling as well. As usual you can expect revised bumpers, new lights (LED), and new wheels with the new car.

Porsche engineers are much better than its designers, so let’s hope they come up with something good for the time it will come in 2011.

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porsche 998 cabrio 3 at Spyshots: 2011 Porsche 998 Cabrio

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