/Viper brand temporarily saved!

Viper brand temporarily saved!

dodge viper at Viper brand temporarily saved!

Chrysler was really into killing off Viper brand because they are a useless company which went bust even with bailout money! But Fiat came along and took over their whole business including Viper. So it lives, at least until Fiat gets fed up and tries to get rid of it! After all, a not so sophisticated gas guzzler such as Viper is a total stranger in the little chique world of Europeans.

The Viper might be a rubbish car just like every other Chrysler product, but we love it! We love it because it’s as mad as  macho and as American as Clint Eastwood! It is a legend. And we like it’s raw simplicity as well. In the world of 16-way traction controls and 34-speed F1 gearbox of European supercars, this poisonous snake with its massive V10 at front and proper manual gearbox in the middle and very fat tires at the back can still cut it pretty damn well. And you don’t have to win national lottery twice to afford one.

Yes it’s not as delicate as a Porsche and it doesn’t have the finesse of a Ferrari, but Viper is really really cool. It’s cool because the exhausts, which are located inside the side sills, can burn your foot and it’s cool because Europeans were reluctant to let it in in the first place because it is too loud and polluting and dangerous! In brief, it’s cool because environmentalists hate it so no sissy celebrity would ever buy it!

Now under Fiat ownership God knows what will happen to our beloved good old nasty supercar, because Fiat’s idea of performance is the 500 Abarth! but then Ferrari is also there somewhere. We hope they stick their noses in and give this American bastard some Italian blood!

For now, it’s good that Viper lives, and all we want is a new model. LONG LIVE VIPER!

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