/Bugatti to reveal all-new model at IAA?

Bugatti to reveal all-new model at IAA?

bugatti IAA 01.thumbnail1 at Bugatti to reveal all new model at IAA?

This picture you see above is a teaser shot for the next supercar by Bugatti which was revealed through the company’s anniversary party invitation, . There have been a lot of rumors about an über-lux Bugatti four-door saloon (allegedly called Bugatti Royale) from a long time ago, Now this could be it!

A new super saloon by Bugatti, only this scenario makes the perfect sense. Because they have already made the fastest and most expensive car in the world, the Veyron, and cars can’t get any better than that. In addition, they have great resources to enter the ultra luxury segment. Bugatti is owned by VW, which also owns Bentley, and as you know they are preparing ‘The Grand Bentley” on a new platform, upon which Bugatti can make their sedan and also keep the costs low. It’s not likely that Bugatti starts a new niche, or make a replacement for the Veyron.

There is not much known about this car for the time being, whether it gets the W16 1000hp engine or not, or is it for real or not in the first place!!! All we know is that this year’s Frankfurt Motorshow is really really hot!

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