/More details on 2010 Aston Martin Cygnet

More details on 2010 Aston Martin Cygnet

Aston Martin citycar Cygnet at More details on 2010 Aston Martin Cygnet

When Aston Martin revealed its plans to make the Cygnet, a tiny city car based on Toyota iQ, they say that it’ll exclusively available to those who already own an Aston, but now as Dr. Ulrich Bez points put “it’s an intelligent purchase for those concerned about environment” and that they are going to sell 4000 units of it each year!

“Being based on Toyota iQ” makes the Cygent sound a bit corny! but Dr.Bez assures you that Cygnet is a full blooded Aston Martin. According to AutoExpress, like every other car by Aston, each Cygnet is bespoke to its customer and they can choose wood, leather and carbon fiber trimming for the interior. No other car in this segment offers this level of luxury and attention to details. In fact all small city cars are some rubbish plastic boxes which are only better than walking!

But Cygnet is in a league of its own. This ultra-luxury mini-car, according to Bez, is a no compromise deal for its buyers.

So Cygnet is a proper Aston inside and out, but what lies beneath the hood is just not so Aston Martin-ish! It’s powered by the same three-cylinder 1.0 liter engine as in the iQ which is awfully slow, but at least it’s economical! it’ll do 60 mpg if you’re careful.

Maybe Aston Martin wants to persuade rich people to become more environmentally responsible by purchasing a green small car such as Cygnet, otherwise it makes no sense to pay big money for a car which basically belongs to the economy class. And the whole point of an economy car is affordability and low maintenance and insurance costs. Cygnet won;t offer any of these but it has one big advantage over all of other green cars, unlike all of them it is a cool car, It’s not embarrassing to be seen in a Cygnet!

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