/Hyundai ix-Metro Concept for IAA

Hyundai ix-Metro Concept for IAA

hyundai ix metro concept 1 at Hyundai ix Metro Concept for IAA

Here’s another sign that Hyundai is no more a rubbish Korean car maker which only makes ugly crappy boxes on wheels! That title now belongs to Ssangyong! This is the Hyundai ix-Metro concept, and it’s a futuristic Crossover (CUV) with an advanced hybrid powertrain. Making its debut at the IAA, the ix-Matrix claims to have CO2 levels of only 80g/km. As Hyundai is planning hybrid models to be added to its lineup, the Matrix is a very good training project for the engineers.

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The Hyundai ix-Metro Concept promises to deliver zippy performance while striving to be ecologically-correct with CO2 emissions of just 80g/km thanks to its hybridized powertrain which is capable of 92kW @ 6000rpm. Displacing just 1-litre, the three-cylinder petrol engine incorporates highly sophisticated features to maximize output while minimizing fuel consumption. These include continuously variable valve timing, turbocharging and direct injection. Up to 5kW of torque assistance comes from the starter motor-alternator with power stored in an ultra capacitor (Electric Double Layer) and a 12V battery. The hybrid system delivers 16.0kg.m of peak torque at 1750~4500rpm through a six-speed dual clutch transmission.

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Technical Specifications

  • Body: Monocoque 5-door
  • Length: 3925mm
  • Width: 1760mm
  • Height: 1576mm
  • Wheelbase: 2513mm
  • Ground clearance: 207 mm
  • Seating: 2 + 2
  • Engine
    • Type: 3-cylinder 1-litre Turbocharged GDI
    • Valvetrain: 12-valve DOHC with CVVT
    • Max power: 92kW@6000rpm
    • Peak Torque: 16.0kg.m@1750~4500rpm
  • Transmission: 6-speed Dual Clutch Type
  • CO2 emissions: 80g/km
  • Electric Motor: 5kW integrated starter/alternator
  • Battery: 12V augmented by Electric Double Layer Capacitor
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 950kg
  • Tires: 245/40 R 20

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