/Rendering: Ferrari 458 Italia Scuderia

Rendering: Ferrari 458 Italia Scuderia

Ferrari 458 scuderia rendering at Rendering: Ferrari 458 Italia Scuderia

It is a great occasion every time Ferrari launches a new GT. Maybe that’s why every time there are a lot speculations around about the car and it’s variants. We’ve just seen this for the new Ferrari 458 Italia, the day after Ferrari released first pictures of it renderings about its Spider version popped up, and now that the Spider has been confirmed for 2011, they are moving onto the hardcore Scuderia version of the 458!

Of course it is not certain yet if the car will be named Scuderia after all, as you know the tarted up version of the 360 was named the Challenge Stradalle, and then it was for the F430 that they called it the Sucderia, So the 458 stripped-out version might come with a new name.

Regardless of the name, it’s gonna be one helluva GT! If we consider the 430 as the benchmark, the Scuderia version of it had almost 30 hp more than the standard car while it was over 100KG lighter. So, given the recipe is the same for the 458, it should have more than 600 hp! Regardless of the weight, the 458 is an aerodynamic masterpiece, so handling wise it will literally be a racing car for the roads.

Of course it is too soon to even think about that car! 2012 or even 13 seems to be the time for its arrival, but come on, even speculating about Ferrari is fascinating!

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