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Toyota SAI Hybrid for JDM

TOYOTA SAI 1 at Toyota SAI Hybrid for JDM

Toyota announced a new compact luxury sedan for Japanese Domestic Market named the ‘SAI’. Sai is actually a Japanese word which can be translated as sophisticated and joyful! and these qualities are exactly what Toyota is offering with this car. Powered by an intelligent hybrid system, the Sai is designed to be comfi, luxurious and efficient.

Of course no one can blame you if you are thinking this is just a Lexus HS250 hybrid , because well, it is! It looks undeniably like a big Prius and it’s not a surprise if Toyota decides to sell it overseas as well. The hybrid powertrain in this car consists of a 2.4 liter four-cylinder petrol engine coupled with an electric motor delivering a total 187 hp optimized for maximum fuel efficiency.

Another very green factor in the Sai, is the choice of materials for the interior. 60 percent of plastics inside the cabin are Ecological Plastic, which are plant-derived and cause no harm to the environment.

Being a luxury sedan the Sai is packed with relevant features. Apart from the usual recipe of leather and wood and multimedia gizmos, it comes with a number of high-tech safety equipments such as a pre-crash system like that in the Mercedes S-class, which feels the upcoming accident in advance and prepares the systems in a way that minimizes collateral damages.

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