/9ff TR1000 – The fastest Porsche 911 in the world!

9ff TR1000 – The fastest Porsche 911 in the world!

9ff TR 1000 1 at 9ff TR1000   The fastest Porsche 911 in the world!

Alright let’s cut to the chase, this is a tuned Porsche based on the 997 Turbo model which has a top speed of 391.7 km/h! And yes there is only one tuner in the world capable of doing this: 9ff. Only they can be so mad! So if you cannot afford their GT9-R which is set to be the fastest car in the world, you can get yourself one of these, the 9ff TR 1000, the fastest 911 in the world!

The reason this car is so fast is because it’s got 1000 hp and 1040 Nm of torque under the hood. That is an astonishing achievement considering that it’s only a flat-six engine which is not even a full four liter! So what kind of witchcraft 9ff has done to it? Well, they add bigger and better turbochargers, improved intercooler with optimized air ducts, sport camshafts, sport air filter, modified ECU, and a high performance exhaust system with sport headers and catalysts as well as active mufflers.

So as you’d expect, the car’s performance boggles the mind: 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds and officially recorded top speed 391.7 km/h.

The car features a discrete body kit as well which is there not just for show, but to keep this beast on the ground at high speed. It comes with a front air splitter, modified skirts and diffuser, and a big fixed rear wing.

Other features of this amazing vehicle include high performance 380mm brake discs, a height-adjustable sports suspension with aluminum dampers and 19-inch wheels (20″ optional) with 235/35 front and 325/30 rear tires.

9ff TR 1000 2 at 9ff TR1000   The fastest Porsche 911 in the world!

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