/In the works: Range Rover Sport Hybrid

In the works: Range Rover Sport Hybrid

RangeRoverSport at In the works: Range Rover Sport Hybrid

Land Rover is in a good shape these days, with TATA money they are expanding business, planning on new models and improving their current range. Range Rover, as the company’s main product, is really a perfect car except for things like economy and eco-friendliness!  As you know the big petrol V8 in the RR sport, with or without supercharger, is one of the thirstiest engines on the market. Now apparently, Land Rover is going to balance out their overall fuel consumption and emissions rating by introducing a hybrid variant.

And it’s not going to be like one of those hybrids in which a 9-volt battery is attached to a big V8 to fool people! The word is that Land Rover’s system will be consist of an efficient 3.0 liter V6 diesel engine and a 25kW (34hp) electric motor. It will be able to do 20 mile solely on electric power, which makes it a zero-emission car in city driving. But the most amazing factor about it is the amount of CO2 gas it emits, which is extremely low at only 100g/km!

In a tiny hatchback this number wouldn’t be surprising, but in a big chunky sporty off-roader which is also loaded with luxury goods it is quite remarkable. We just hope they don’t sacrifice power for this, because nothing’s worse than a weak powertrain in a car which is, according to Jezza, as heavy as the center of Earth!

via: autocar.co.uk

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