/Porsche To Revive 356 With a Baby Boxster

Porsche To Revive 356 With a Baby Boxster

2010 Porsche Boxster Spyder 5 at Porsche To Revive 356 With a Baby Boxster

Porsche officials have confirmed that they are considering a new type of small sports car based on the Boxster model which will be like a modern day 356. If you are not familiar with the Porsche 356, it was the first true sports car by the German firm which looked liked a Beetle and handled like a truck. Nevertheless it was a great sportscar for its time!

So the new 356 will be mid-engined, roadster, compact and lightweight but since it’s gonna be a smaller version of the current Boxster, it’s likely that they use the same chassis and drivetrain that VW has developed for the next generation Audi TT and the R4 electric sportcar. Like so they will be able to keep the price of the car below the Boxster as well.

As for the engine, the word is that a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with around 250 hp will be the perfect choice for the car. After all it should not mess with the daddy, the Boxster!

Apart from technical details and everything, this car will inevitably have a big problem! You see the only reason you buy a Boxster is because you cannot afford a 911. So if you buy the baby Boxster, it means that you cannot afford the Boxter either, so you are advertising around that your life hasn’t worked out well at all!

Porsche is also working on a new type of SUV or better said crossover to slot beneath the Cayenne and compete with cars like BMW X3 and Mercedes GLK. There’s however no word on whether or not they are working on a new supercar to replace Carrera GT. And that’s a shame.

Via: Autocar

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