/Video: Bentley Mulsanne Production

Video: Bentley Mulsanne Production

Bentley Mulsanne production at Video: Bentley Mulsanne Production

Bentley Mulsanne is the British company’s new flagship model replacing the legendary Arnage. Although the Mulsanne looks totally exquisite and majestic, but we think that the Arnage was a cooler looking car! Apart from the looks though, the new model is improved in every single aspect. The bewildering attention to details which Bentley is famous for has been doubled for this car. It is a symbol of  excellence in craftsmanship!

For you to get a better picture of what we’re on about, Bentley released a video of the Mulsanne’s production line. Hit the jump to watch it.

Gary Picken, Senior Production Manager: “During these early, pre-production stages we are exhaustively testing the build process to achieve the absolute precision and quality we are seeking for our customers.”

“The Mulsanne has a beautiful and very complex body made from an intelligent mix of high-strength steels, aluminium and composites. Within one assembly area we’re utilising traditional skills for which Bentley is renowned right alongside state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. We combine these two different approaches because it is the best possible route to create a car that will be enjoyed by generations of drivers.”

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