/Leaked: 2011 Porsche 997 GT2 RS

Leaked: 2011 Porsche 997 GT2 RS

porsche 997 gt2 rs at Leaked: 2011 Porsche 997 GT2 RS

Before this we had only seen this car in disguise through some spyshots, but this one is apparently the first picture of the real car which has been taken by someone at Porsche’s VIP party, in which the car was revealed. The GT2 RS will be unveiled to the public on May 14th, but according to the source, this ultimate edition of the ultimate version of the 911 has got 620 hp and it’s 90 Kg lighter than the normal GT2.

This all sound too exciting! You see the standard GT2, if you can call it standard, is such a wild beast and you need two brains, four hearts and eight testis (yeah it’s that scary!) to handle it properly. Now with the RS version, by imagine, you have to double that numbers. And of course you are going to have to pay a whole lot more than the normal GT2 for it.

Only real professional drivers can enjoy such an exquisite recipe. For good drivers, even the regular GT3 is a bit of a handful!

source: Teamspeed

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