/Jenson Button Explains Why Schumacher Is Struggling

Jenson Button Explains Why Schumacher Is Struggling

Michael Schumacher at Jenson Button Explains Why Schumacher Is Struggling

We were all very excited when Mercedes announced they’ve signed with Michael Schumacher and his coming back to Formula 1 in 2010. We thought it’s going to be a great season and that Schumy will teach all these new kids a good lesson! But no, he was a big disappointment. We sat watching him struggle as Red Bull won everything. Now as it turns out it’s all Jensen Button’s fault, by his own admission!

In a recent interview with Germany’s Sport Bild, the British reigning world champion revealed that the car Schumacher is currently driving was set up for him. You see Button was a Brawn driver and when they were acquired by Mercedes he was supposed to drive for them and so had the car made to his own specs. But when McLaren formed a new team Button switched to them, and Mercedes didn’t really have time to redevelop the car for Schumacher.

So the seven time world champion ended up with a car that was set to understeer, just as Button wanted it to be! But we all know that Schumy is old school and he prefers oversteer. If you watch some of his old races you’d know what we are on about.

Button explains : “Michael likes a very pointy car. But the Mercedes understeers pretty strongly. I was always happy with it that way,”. “He will have more influence on the development of the next car. This year (the 2010 car) was quite late for him — the fundamental characteristics were in place long before his signature,” he said.

So there you go, if you are a Schumacher fan and you are looking for someone to blame for his poor results, no one’s better than Jensen Button! We just hope he stays in F1 and next season shows up with a proper car.

GMM, Picture: Guardian.co.uk

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