/Ferrari 458 Fire Issue Resolved – Recall Underway

Ferrari 458 Fire Issue Resolved – Recall Underway

ferrari 458 1 at Ferrari 458 Fire Issue Resolved   Recall Underway

As you might be aware during the last few months a number of brand-new Ferrari 458 Italia models burst into flames all by themselves. At first Ferrari was reluctant to comment on this incidents, but as the number of burning 458s increased they had to investigate it and apparently they’ve found out what’s the cause. According to Ferrari the problem is due to the adhesive attached the rear fenders’ heat shield which can catch fire in high temperatures.

Ferrari will soon announce an official recall for all 458 Italia cars built to date, which are around 1,250 units. Obviously the fix for this issue is to replace the heat shields with new ones that have no flammable glue in them and that’s very easy. You just have to visit your dealer and have it changed free of charge. Just be careful not to push the car on the way to the dealer!

Such incident could really harm any company’s reputation, but with Ferrari it’s just not the case. If anything, it makes them even more thrilling and interesting!!!

ferrari 458 2 at Ferrari 458 Fire Issue Resolved   Recall Underway

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