/McLaren MP4-12C Camera System Films Your Driving!

McLaren MP4-12C Camera System Films Your Driving!

McLaren MP4 12C at McLaren MP4 12C Camera System Films Your Driving!

The new McLaren MP4-12C supercar has many amazing and innovative features but this one sounds a bit, well let’s say unnecessary! Apparently McLaren offers an optional Hero Cam system which comes with cameras located at front and rear of the car and one inside the car above the driver’s right shoulder. So you can switch views like you’re driving  in a video game! You can then download recorded films via a USB port.

As cool as it sounds, this hero cam system might be dangerous if the driver, aware that his actions are being recorded, gets carried away and cause himself serious trouble! Of course there will be proper drivers as well who can make stunning videos using this system and upload them on the Internet. Way to impress your buds!

McLaren has not announced this feature’s pricing yet, but if you buy the fully loaded model you will probably get it without asking!

via: AutoGuide

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