/Rumor: Fiat Selling Ferrari

Rumor: Fiat Selling Ferrari

ferrari logo at Rumor: Fiat Selling Ferrari

Various sources are reporting, based on another report by the Italian paper Corriere della Sera, that guys who are running Fiat have decided that they like Chrysler more than Ferrari! But they don’t have enough money to increase their share in the American company to 51 percent so they can play a more central role in the joint. So, they’re trying to raise that money by selling parts of the Prancing Horse.

Of course officials of the company have sort of denied the reports, but it’s the traditional way of doing things when they are plotting something big! However, if they eventually put Ferrari up on the market, rest assured there will be too many companies and countries, and even individuals (very special ones of course!)  that would love to buy it out even at greater prices than its real value.

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