/Chevrolet Volt Official EPA Rating

Chevrolet Volt Official EPA Rating

chevy volt epa rating at Chevrolet Volt Official EPA Rating

EPA finally announced its official rating for the 201 Chevrolet Volt, and according to them the Volt does 93 MPG equivalent, 37 MPG for gasoline engine, and 60 MPG combined with both electric and gasoline engines. The Volt can run in pure electric mode for 35 miles, but when the 1.4 liter range extender engine kicks in, it’ll be capable of 379 miles. That 93 MPGe is calculated using EPA’s formula of 33.7 kW-hrs equals one gallon of gasoline. EPA recently announced 99 MPGe for Nissan LEAF. For Chevy Volt you can count on that 60 MPG as what you get day to day.

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