/2011 Ford Explorer V6 MPG Rating Announced

2011 Ford Explorer V6 MPG Rating Announced

2011 Ford Explorer at 2011 Ford Explorer V6 MPG Rating Announced

Most people would think that the 4-cylinder EcoBoost option for the new Ford Explorer 2011 is not powerful enough, and they are most likely to end up with the V6 model. According to EPA, they are going to get 17 mpg city and 25 mpg highway from that car. That doesn’t sound like much compared to sedans or hatchbacks, but in this class it’s the best you get!

At 290 horsepower, the all-new Explorer V6 exceeds the 2010 Explorer V6 by 80 horsepower. In addition, the 2011 Explorer V6’s power compares favorably to that of the 2010 Explorer V8, rated at 292 horsepower.

Ford says that their extensive engineering work has really paid off for this car. For example the aerodynamic body of the Explorer contributes greatly to the economy it delivers. That front-mounted air dam and the rear liftgate lip spoiler could add almost 1 mpg at highway speeds!

The new Explorer marks the introduction of electric power-assisted steering (EPAS), yielding significantly improved maneuverability, reduced parasitic engine drag, weight savings and increased fuel economy. The advanced Explorer V6 features a low-tension drive belt, aggressive deceleration fuel shutoff and a direct-acting mechanical bucket (DAMB) valvetrain with highly polished buckets to reduce internal friction. Each of these measures contributes to Explorer V6 fuel economy.

“The new Explorer V6 with twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT) delivers a keen balance between power and fuel economy,” said Jim Holland, chief nameplate engineer. “An efficient six-speed transmission mated to this efficient V6 helps Explorer deliver 25 percent better fuel efficiency. This raises the bar for full-size SUVs, and will change buyer expectations for the entire segment.”

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