/Toyota Announced 99 Percent UV Protection Glass

Toyota Announced 99 Percent UV Protection Glass

toyota UV glass at Toyota Announced 99 Percent UV Protection Glass

Toyota R&D center has come up with a new technology which you can’t even see, but it will help to keep you healthy! They have made a new type of UV-resistant glass for front-doors of cars that blocks 99 percent of UltraViolet rays. They’ve used a new kind of UV-absorbing film to make these windows,and they will be fitted as standard on cars to be launched in 2011.

So you know, your Toyota’s gas pedal might stick and make you crash, but it takes care of your skin. Lovely!

Combined with UV-reducing windscreens, the use of the new front-door glass will result in an approximate 99 per cent reduction in overall UV penetration through the front-door windows and windscreen. Toyota estimates that the resulting sunburn protection is equivalent to that of wearing gloves while driving.

Windscreens, which use laminated glass, reduce UV by approximately 99 per cent through the use of a UV-blocking film between two sheets of glass in the laminating process. Door windows, however, generally use single-piece tempered glass that is often instilled with UV-absorbing material to achieve approximately 89 per cent UV protection.

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