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Ferrari Working On Mind Reading Technology

ferrari mind reading at Ferrari Working On Mind Reading Technology

As if the current electronic controlling systems were not enough, Ferrari is reportedly working on a new system that monitors the driver, effectively reads his mind, and adjust the car’s speed and handling! And we thought they should ditch the traction control becasue it’s too interfering, yea right!

This is mind-boggling. Ferrari says most drivers miscalculate or overestimate their skills and abilities to control the car, so they’re going to govern it by mind-reading systems. Apparently it has biometric sensors to check the driver’s heart, brain, pulse, blood pressure and even his blinks! And this comes from a company that gave us the F40!

This is ridiculous, when I pay for a car I want to do whatever the hell I want with it. I don’t want a computer to stop me! Honestly life was much more fascinating when we didn’t have all these technologies around .

Ferrari application describes a cabin housing “various (preferably non-invasive) biometric and psychometric sensors for recording and transmitting… the values of a number of psychophysical parameters of the driver”.

It adds: “The biometric sensors may comprise a piezoelectric measuring device for measuring the driver’s respiration, a device for measuring the driver’s blood pressure and heart rate, a television camera for monitoring the driver’s eyes (blink rate) to determine the driver’s alertness, a device for monitoring the electric activity of the driver’s brain, a device for recording the driver’s surface temperature and a device for recording the conductivity of the driver’s skin (to determine the degree of perspiration).”

source: Autocar

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