/First 2012 Lexus LF-A Produced

First 2012 Lexus LF-A Produced

2012 lexus lfa 1 at First 2012 Lexus LF A Produced

It’s funny when the Lexus LF-A first came out we heard that it’s strictly limited and that it’s all sold out. Then we heard that they’re going to lease the car becasue the sales price would be so incredibly high. But it was none of that actually! Apparently all the previous models were sort of pre-production or something. This one you see here is the first real production LF-A.

And they will keep making it as long as they receive orders for it. Not that many people will be convinced easily to pay $375,000 for a Lexus! That’s right, the base price for a LF-A is more expensive than the most expensive version of Ferrari 599 GTB, its closest rival. But then this car has many impressive features.

The LF-A comes with a race-bred V10 which is very high performance, powerful, blah blah blah! Everybody knows it all. The other unique features of this Japanese supercar are not performance related. This car uses 15,000 parts, most of them bespoke to this model and crafted from the best quality materials. Almost 170 highly qualified technicians work on the LF-A’s assembly line and the car together by hands.

They also record all the procedures of the making, from the first steps of the assembly to the last stages of delivery. So every LF-A comes with a book that can be used as a reference for that particular car.

All of a sudden the $375,000 price tag sounds like a bargain!

2012 lexus lfa 2 at First 2012 Lexus LF A Produced

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