/Porsche 918 Coupe Rendering

Porsche 918 Coupe Rendering

porsche 918 coupe at Porsche 918 Coupe Rendering

The biggest premiere of 2011 NAIAS Detroit Motor Show is without a doubt the Porsche 918 Coupe. It is the production version of the 918 Spyder concept revealed at last year’s Geneva Motor Show, which has lost its Spyderness in the transition into reality! The car is yet to be revealed but based on the renderings we’ve seen, it actually looks better.

The 918 Coupe is set to become Porsche’s new supercar and it has to fill Carrera GT’s shoes which sounds like a tall order. But it’s very well equipped for the job with a 600 hp V8 engine. At this stage it’s not clear whether or not it’ll get a hybrid system or not. The 918 is not just as insane as the Carrera GT, maybe becasue there’s no need for it to be.

You see, the Carrera GT had to compete with McLaren SLR and Ferrari Enzo, both incredibly brutal supercars. The 918 however is going to face the Mercedes SLS and Ferrari 458, which are dangerous for sure but not quite as deadly as their predecessors. It will also be priced relevantly.

Porsche has a good habit of not letting out any info until the very last minute, so there’s no teasers, no leaked this or leaked that. That keeps the tension up!

Rendering from: automobile-magazine.fr

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