/Ford GT Going Hybrid?

Ford GT Going Hybrid?

Ford GT at Ford GT Going Hybrid?

According to Auto Express yes, next generation Ford GT will be powered by a hybrid powertrain consisting of a supercharged V8 and an electric motor that helps reducing fuel consumption significantly.

Well, to be honest not all of AE’s rumors turned out to be true, so we’re finding it hard to believe! But it actually makes sense. An additional electric motor that would also help with the acceleration when needed. They are also suggesting that the GT will become effectively a four-wheel-drive car with the V8 powering the rear wheels and the electric motor the front.

All good then, an efficient Ford GT with lots of power and better handling. But you see, Ford GT is not an ordinary car, it’s not like the Lambo Gallardo that you can do anything with it, this car has tons of heritage and legacy behind it. For the same reason its shape hasn’t changed much throughout the years, it can’t become a soft and cuddly four-wheel-drive all of a sudden!

That said in this wild world we live in, anything’s possible!


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