/F1: Red Bull Animation Explains KERS and MRW

F1: Red Bull Animation Explains KERS and MRW

Red Bull released an animation of their Infiniti-sponsored 2011 car and hooked up driver Mark Webber to explain some of the new systems that’s introduced in F1 this season.

The first is KERS or Kinetic Energy Recovery System which is also used in some road-going cars and in essence saves the otherwise wasted energy of braking in form of electricity which can be used to either charge the batteries or boost the engine.

The other new feature is the MRW or Movable (adjustable) Rear Wing. It has a movable middle part than can be adjusted by the driver electronically, in order to change aerodynamics of the car for more speed, braking efficiency, or downforce.

Come to think of it, the drivers are no longer driving the car as such, so much as they’re keeping the computers that do the actual driving in check! Listen to Mr.Webber in the video above as he explain the features professionally.

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