/Porsche Pajun – Baby Panamera In The Works

Porsche Pajun – Baby Panamera In The Works

porsche panamera at Porsche Pajun   Baby Panamera In The Works

Car makers should seriously hire some new naming experts! I mean we thought Pagani Huayra was bad, but Porsche is about to launch two new models called Cajun and Pajun!

The first I’m sure you are familiar with, a sporty crossover that will arrive in 2013 taking on Range Rover Evoque. But the latter is yet to be confirmed by the officials. According to a report by AutoBild, Porsche is working on a sort of entry-level sedan, smaller than the Panamera, to rival cars like BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E Class. Yesterday we had in the news that Maserati is also thinking about such model.

This new Porsche sedan is reportedly called the Pajun. So a smaller Cayenne is Cajun and a smaller Panamera is Pajun. What would they call a smaller Boxster? A Bajun?!

Porsche has proved already with the Cayenne and the Panamera that no matter how daft their idea might be or how ugly their cars might turn out, they will sell like hot cakes. So it makes perfect sense to expand the lineup with these new models and reap the benefits. It will help them achieve ambitious production goals they’ve set for the next ten years.

If the Pajun is for real, it’ll take up to 5 years to arrive. Engine-wise it’ll get the same V6 and V8s as the Panamera, minus the Turbo probably. Also a new flat-four turbo might be a good candidate to power this small sedan.


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