/Porsche Reflects On Practicality In New Ad Campaign

Porsche Reflects On Practicality In New Ad Campaign

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Porsche fans always tell Ferrari fans how their beloved 911 is more usable as an everyday car and how the performance is more accessible for more of the time. That’s what Porsche is using in their new approach promoting sportscar.

This new advertising campaign is called “Engineered for Magic. Everyday” and that kinda tells the whole story. Using a Porsche as a daily driver might be the fact that all sportscar shoppers were ignoring all this years! A Ferrari is of course prettier and, theoretically, faster. But in the real world the 911 is more usable and given all the potholes and speedhumps, it might even be faster. And next to ordinary cars, it looks good too.

What’s more it can take your children to school and its boot is much bigger than what Fezza offer. So you get all the joys of driving a sportscar without having to give up on all amenities that make life easier.

The new ad campaign will definitely work in 911’s benefit, because it’s just logic!

“The magic of Porsche is how thoroughly the cars transform your everyday, routine driving,” said David Pryor, vice president of marketing, Porsche Cars North America. “It’s not only about the weekend joyride. It’s the only car in the world that combines true sports car exhilaration and the drivability for daily use. This campaign brings this fact to life, painting a bigger picture of the real Porsche value proposition, in some cases through the words and images of owners themselves.”

Spanning TV, print, online, mobile, direct mail and a cinema promotion, the campaign drives home the engineering genius that allows these coveted sports cars to be everyday drivers.

“When most people think of Porsche, they think ‘magic’ — and the cars certainly are,” said Marshall Ross, chief creative officer, Cramer-Krasselt. “What is markedly different about this campaign is we’re not selling the dream-car mystique of Porsche — that’s already a given. The creative challenge here was to tell the truth of the drivability of the car and still make it feel as special as it really is.”

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Debuting in selected markets tonight during the NCAA Tournament, the TV spot features vignettes of Porsche sports car owners in a number of seemingly everyday scenes: a parent picking up kids at school, a man running a home-improvement-store errand and a mom clearing away snow from the windshield each with titles re-characterizing the car as “school bus,” “pickup truck” and “snowmobile.”  In another vignette, as a man fires up the engine after a long day at the office, we see how the car’s incredible, mood-shifting virtues — as his “getaway car” — complement the everyday ones. The closing voiceover says: “Engineered for Magic. Everyday.”

At the hub of the integrated campaign is a consumer-generated website — PorscheEveryday.com — here owners can share their own everyday stories. With a combination of professionally produced videos and images along with owner-submitted content, the site builds a mosaic showcasing the many ways a Porsche is engineered for everyday magic. For this effort, Porsche has once again reached out to its passionate and active loyalists and enthusiasts to participate and contribute to the story. Last month, to start things off, Porsche sent 200 Flip video cameras to select owners asking them to contribute videos. The brand has also invited input from all its owners, the Porsche Club of America, dealers and their customers, and the million-plus Facebook fans for everyday stories, photos and videos.

In partnership with the Reelz channel, Porsche will also invite amateur film-makers to submit films that demonstrate “daily magic.” Ten filmmakers will be selected to experience daily magic in a Porsche and then make a film about the experience. The winning submission will be shown in cinemas across the country — a first for Porsche — and on the Reelz channel.

TV will run on national cable and print will appear in April issues of newspapers and magazines such as The Wall Street Journal, Wired, Fast Company and Conde Nast Traveler with headlines such as “Turns small errands into short adventures”  and “Passion should never take a snow day” — all ending with “Engineered for Magic. Everyday.”

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