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Official Ferrari Opus Book

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Here’s an interesting item for your library if you are a Ferrari enthusiast: The Official Ferrari Opus. Just one thing, it costs $275,000!

This very special collectible item is a work of Kraken Opus and includes exclusive interviews, behind the scene features and amazing photography of the prestigious Italian brand. It is available in three limited editions of Enzo, Classic and Cavallino Rampante. There’s also the high-end diamond-encrusted Enzo Diamante, of which only 20 is made, which goes for a whopping $275,000 which is the same sort of money you would pay for a real Ferrari 458. The cheapest of the lot is still quite pricey and costs in the neighborhood of $4000.

All editions have the same content, but the packaging is different. The book has 852 pages and contains 200,000 words and over 2,000 pictures. Surprisingly the first Enzo Diamante has been sold in Sri Lanka!

If you don’t have the money to buy this magnificent book, you can wait until someone upload its PDF scan on the web. You still get the content! It is a clever way of ripping off rich people though.

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