/F1: Pit Lane Will Be Electric-Only From 2014

F1: Pit Lane Will Be Electric-Only From 2014

F1 logo at F1: Pit Lane Will Be Electric Only From 2014

As we’ve said earlier FIA is fiddling with F1 these days and it seems like a constant effort to ruin the sport. The latest trick they’ve come up with is an electric-only pit lane rule for 2014 onwards.

The idea is the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) absorbs the wasted heat of the engine and turns it into electricity, saves it in a thing, and then use it to power the car as it enters the pit lane. So in the pits, the car will be running on pure electricity.

And that few hundred meters will save the world. Because of that global warming will be no more and the ozone layer will be healed!

I mean come on! What bloody difference does that make, apart from making pit stops longer and slow down the race. These green policies sometime sound very ridiculous. Mercifully, there are still sane people in the governing body of F1 that would reject this thing, just like they rejected the four-cylinder engine proposal. That said, they gave in for turbo V6s, but that’s alright!

One thing’s clear, if it keeps going like this, pretty soon even WTCC will have more spectators than Formula 1.

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