/Jay Leno and McLaren MP4-12C – Video

Jay Leno and McLaren MP4-12C – Video

leno mp4 at Jay Leno and McLaren MP4 12C   Video

Lots of Jay Leno videos today! Well, the guys an automotive icon and his verdicts and thoughts are valuable. He knows what he’s talking about, and there’s always that cool sense of humor that doesn’t let him get boring. Plus, Leno gets access to places and cars that even the best of auto journalists cannot. In this video Jay talks about McLaren, why he likes their cars so much, and why he ordered the new MP4-12C supercar. He also gets a driving lesson on how to get the best out of the super advanced MP4.

Of course more reviews are to come on the MP4 once it arrives at Jay’s garage.

picture: jaylenogarage.com

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