/Video: Jay Leno Checks Out Cadillac Ciel

Video: Jay Leno Checks Out Cadillac Ciel

Cadillac Ciel at Video: Jay Leno Checks Out Cadillac Ciel

From all the new production and concept cars revealed this past couple of days, we liked Cadillac Ciel best. Its sheer size, retro styling, and the whole Cadillacness of it remind us of the days when fuel was cheap, the roads were empty and you didn’t have to worry about your CO2 and what not!

Plus, the Ciel is an incredibly beautiful car and has a wonderful interior with real timber and four separate seats, massive rims, chrome bits here and there… it’s just an awesome car designed for fun and leisure, not to be efficient or fast around Nurburgring!

Now Jay Leno who spent the past weekend filming at Pebble Beach, made a special feature for this car in which he and GM’s Vp of design Ed Welburn go through the details of this magnificent car. The best part of it is when Ed says the Ciel could see production. After all its a hybrid car. But we’re not sure there are too many people who might want a titanic in their driveway!

Check out the video:

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